Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 16:00:19 -0800 (PST)

From: Bret Hughes <>

Subject: Iraq


CC: Bret <>

Mr. President,

If you are bluffing in making the world think that the US is going to
war with Iraq, great. However, if you are seriously considering going
to war against Iraq, I completely disagree with that action for the
following reasons.

  o Iraq is cooperating with the UN to a completely reasonable degree

  o By unilaterally going to war against Iraq without UN approval,
    the US discredits the UN (NOT the other way around--the UN
    discredits itself by not going to war along with the US).

  o Your fears, and that of the US, does not justifying war against a
    country. There is no concrete evidence that Iraq has nuclear,
    biological, or chemical weapons. We cannot enforce a policy of
    "guilty until innocent". That is completely wrong and barbaric.

  o Let's try to enter a better age by trying to make the UN an
    effective and meaningful world organization (not the puppet of
    the most powerful country). Respect the UNs wishes, and try to
    gain the respect of the world by doing so. This is the way to
    beat terrorism and keep security in the long run.

As a United States citizen, I demand that you do not go to war with
Iraq unless officially sanctioned and clearly authorized by the UN.


Bret Alan Hughes


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