“Promoting a wise and respectful lasting relationship of humankind with Nature, Wisdom in Perspective will help us to triumph over ignorance, superstition, and emotional burdens of the past and the present.”
PAUL J. CRUTZEN, Nobel Laureate, Utrecht University professor emeritus of science

“Teaching wisdom is not only admirable but also much needed. Nearly everything said in Wisdom in Perspective seems true to me.”
WILLIAM H. MCNEILL, University of Chicago professor emeritus of history

“It is a very good popularisation of our scientific and historical knowledge and encourages a beautifully secular wisdom about our place in the universe.”
J.J.C. SMART, Australian National University professor emeritus of philosophy

Wisdom in Perspective is produced and bound like an old family Bible, with heavy, richly textured gilt-edged pages, silk endpapers, soft black leather binding, even a placeholder ribbon; the design fits. Bret Alan Hughes offers us a framework for constructing a naturalistic worldview that embraces all that science tells us about the universe, and offers a path toward building a fulfilling, value-rich life wholly consonant with this rigorous naturalism. Secular humanists don’t need a Bible, but this work fills some of the same functions (the positive ones, at least). Hughes does not preach his worldview, but rather shows the reader step-by-step how he arrived at his own nuanced and positive viewpoint. Next time someone asks you how anyone can feel at home in the universe science reveals to us, much less build reliable values absent commands from on high, hand him or her a copy of Wisdom in Perspective.”
TOM FLYNN, Free Inquiry executive director

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